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Ofsted Outstanding 2011-2012

Diocese of Leicester

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Children's Work

Click on a link to see examples our children's work then click on the teacher to return to this page.

Latest Updates

Fs - Learning by PlayY1 Make MuffinsY2 Fire of londonY2 FrenchY4 French - FamiliesY6 Animation Day

Summer 2018

Y2 Maths 3d ShapesY3 Maths - VolumeY3 Science Skeletons

Spring Term 2018

Y1 MathsY1 History - Toys from the pastY1 GeographyMaking NumbersBuilding HomesNatural ArtY2 D&T/RE - Canopic JarsFortune TellersMandarin CalligraphyPicture BooksCooking Cous-CousMaths CookingY6 Science - ExperimentY6 Science - Conductors InvestigationY6 Georgraphy - Ordinance SurveyY6 English - Spelling SessionY6 Geography/English - Weather reports from BrazilFairgroundsFrench BooksInvestigating Minibeats

Autumn Term 2017

Y1 Science _ Senses InvestigationY1 RE - DiwaliY1 GymnasticsY1 Practical LessonsY2 FrenchY2 FrenchY5 Building with LegoY3 Science - Finding and Sketch plantsY3 English/drama3 DT - Investigating making strong and sturdy structuresY3 PE - Strength, stretch and balance workY5 DT - CAM toys

Y5 DT - CAM toys

Y5 DT - CAM toysY3 History - Making Stone Age cave carvingsY6 Science Conductors InvestigationY6 English - SpellingOrdinance SurveyEnglich Group WorkLearning NotationMusic CompositionY6 Science - Lung CapacityY6 D&T Slippers

Summer Term 2017

y2 drama/history - the great fire of LondonInvestigating Fruit and VegY1 Make MuffinsY2 Computing - Controlling BeeBotsY2 French - Shape and ColourY2 Moving VehiclesLife CyclesY3 science - Dissecting FlowersY3 Maths - Modelling 3d shapesY3 Moving MonstersY4 Cross Curricular - Aztec ProjectsY4 PE - FencingY3 Geography - Weather around the WorldReading ComprehensionY6 Animation Day

Spring Term 2017

FS GardenersWBD - Book CharactersY6 French - Le Petit ThomasY2 Paper foldingY2 English - Fantasy StoriesY2 English - Speaking and ListeningY2 MathsMandarinY4 PE - GymnasticsChinese ArtY2 English - InstructionsY3 Maths - Measurement problem SolvingY4 CookingY4 ReadingY5 JapaneseAfrican ArtWW2 ProjectsY6 D&T Fairgrounds

Autumn term 2016

FS Computing - FireworksAlphabetical orderY1 RE ChristeningY1 Re - DiwaliThe enormous crocodileY1 Gingerbread MenY2 FruitY3 musicMaking FossilsY£ Literacy - Iron ManY3 Maths - measuringY3 Science - BuoyancyFlorence NightingaleY3 French - RoleplayY4 TeambuildingY4 MathsY4 Science - ForcesY4 Maths - Intervention GroupLight it upPerformance PoetryNicaragua WorkshopY5 D&T - CAMsY5 PE CheerleadingY5 French PastimesY5 Literacy - The PianoMusic CompositionY6 Maths Problem SolvingLung Capacity InvestigationExercise and Heart RateInvestigating ShapesY6 D&T SlippersChristmas Calendars

Summer Term 2016

Y1 MathsBlueberry MuffinsY2 Art - An Illustrator visitsThe Fire of LondonY2 ScienceY2 French - FlagsY2 D&TY4 MathsVictorian ProjectsY5 DT - CamsY6 DMH MusicY6 Animation DayAndy Goldsworthy

Spring Term 2016

Y1 PE - Football Training with LCFCY1 DT - Classroom LegoY2 FrenchY2 French - Easter CardsY1 Maths - Number and WeightY1 English - Gingerbread MenY6 Science - InvestigationY4 Drama/Music - Dragon MusicY4 MathsY4 - Aboriginal ArtY4 PE - YogaY4 Art - Cityscapes 1Y4 Art - Cityscapes 2Maths - TangramsY5 French - Le TempsY5 MFL/Music - Japanese rap>Y6 Science - Light and colourY6 French - Clothes Y6 - Music/Geography The SambaY6 D&T - Pen PotsY6 Science - Living things and their habitats