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​​​​​​​​ Art


How do we teach Art at Fleckney School? 


Our aims in Art are for children to:

Develop a child’s natural creativity and imagination; we believe in what Picasso said: ‘every child is an artist’.


Planning and Delivery

Art is displayed and celebrated and the children’s sketch-books record their art journey through primary school, allowing them to have a visual diary of their ideas, techniques and progress through the years.

Children at Fleckney enjoy producing art and have the opportunity to experiment with drawing, painting, sculpture and craft. Lessons are skills based and, year-on-year, the children are given the opportunity to practise previous skills as well as learn new skills and techniques. Children are encouraged to experiment in their sketch books with colour, pattern, texture and materials.

Art is taught in weekly lessons as well as being integrated within other subjects. Some units are discrete and allow, for example, children to be introduced to famous and inspiring artists and designers, whilst others may link to learning in another subject.

At Fleckney, teachers’ art planning has been developed and refined over many years. Some teachers use Plan Bee as a starting point for their units, whilst others are built around inspiration from other areas.