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How do we teach Computing at Fleckney School?  


Computing and technology is embedded in our curriculum and is an integral part of our day-to-day teaching and learning.

Computing is not just taught as a standalone subject, but is incorporated across the curriculum.

Computing is used on a regular basis to aid learning in English and Maths. Timetable Rock stars is a program that is used by Key Stage 2 children to increase their fluency with timetables. It is also used to develop children’s reading and phonics; Key Stage 1 children use the program, Reading Eggs as well as Lexia, which is used from Year 2 to Year 6.

Computing programs are also used as a home learning tool, through programs like My Maths and Purple Maths; teachers are able to set homework for their class and provide relevant and supportive feedback when they have handed work in. Last academic year we as a school bought into the scheme, Purple Mash. It ran successfully throughout the school, and we are continuing to use this year. Purple Mash is an excellent tool, which is used to scaffold the teaching of computing. Purple Mash provides schemes of work and individual lesson plans for Foundation Stage to Year 6. It also provided the resources (computer or paper) to deliver each lesson. These plans are used in conjunction with other programs, such as Scratch and Education City to aid and vary the teaching and to also ensure full coverage of the curriculum. Purple Mash ensures children are building on the skills they have earned from previous years and are exposed to computing in a variety of different ways e.g. everything from Music through to Science.

Computing is also a fundamental aspect of the Foundation Stage. Children are able to use the computers in their setting freely as well as having taught computing sessions in the suite. Children primarily use Education City or a version of Purple Mash, called Mini Mash. Mini Mash provides opportunities for the children to explore a variety of programs and develop very basic skills in a fun and interactive way. Children can use the program to create sounds and manoeuvre objects on the screen, as well as many other things. Purple Mash also provides assessment tools that allow teachers to track their children’s progress and identify areas that may need further teaching.

In upper Key Stage 2, children are introduced to more sophisticated programs and technology like Scratch and Raspberry Pi’s in order to prepare them for computing at Secondary School. These are programs and technologies children will be more likely to come across in their next school, so children are given the opportunity to explore these and familiarize themselves with them.