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Design and Technology


How do we teach DT at Fleckney School?


Our aims in DT are to:

• Strive to develop our children’s practical skills that are transferable in to other subject areas across the curriculum and into their lives out of school.

• Use a variety of learning styles that encourage and nurture our pupils’ creativity and productivity through a multisensory, hands-on learning experience.

• Develop our children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in this subject area.

• Ensure that our pupils apply their knowledge and understanding when developing their ideas, planning and making products, and then evaluating them.

• Promote an iterative process, allowing our children to learn from their mistakes and improve upon their prototypes.

Planning and Delivery

 Whole-class activities, individual work and group activities. Within lessons, we give our pupils the opportunity to both work alone independently or collaboratively as a team, listening to and valuing and respecting their classmates’ ideas. Children critically evaluate existing products, their own work and that of others. Our pupils have the opportunity to use a wide range of exciting and creative resources and materials as well as ICT.

The long-term plan for our school Design and Technology is outlined below in the attached link.