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How do we teach Geography at Fleckney School?


Our aims in Geography are for children to:

• be interested in and curious about their surroundings

• increase their knowledge and understanding of the changing and interdependent world

• ask questions and propose solutions to environmental problems

• develop competence in geographical skills

• develop a sense of responsibility as global citizens for the earth and its resources Planning and Delivery


Geography is taught through the Knowledge and Understanding of the World aspect of the framework. As we are trialling the new framework, pupils now need to use maps and globes. These skills are taught through the study of ‘where we live’, ‘hot and cold places’, ‘people who help us in our community’ and ‘where do we find sea creatures?’.

KS1 and KS2

Geography is taught through the Collins scheme, ‘Connected Geography’. All topics are led by an overarching enquiry and each session seeks to investigate a specific question.


Within geography sessions throughout the school, pupils’ thinking skills are developed, their awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual and moral issues is promoted and pupils develop as active citizens