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Meet The Team

Senior Leadership Team


Head Teacher - Mr Richards
Deputy Heads  - Mrs S Allen (Full Time)
                                 Miss E Pearson (Part Time)

Mrs P Teear - Foundation lead

Miss H Baum - Key stage 1 lead

Mrs A Galpin - Year 3 and 4 Manager

Mr J O'Connell - Year 5 and 6 Manager 

Mrs K Headley - Key stage 2 lead

S.E.N.C.O - Mrs J Goode


Key Stage 1

Classes and Teachers

RPT  Class Teacher  -  Mrs P Teear   

RTH Class Teachers - Mrs L Thurman and Mrs M Hughes   


Classes and Teachers

1PR Class Teachers - Mrs H Pullen and Mrs Scotland     

 1LW Class TeacherMiss L Williams




Classes and Teachers

2JW Class Teacher - Mrs J Webb       

2HB Class TeacherMiss H Baum                    

Key Stage 2 

Classes and Teachers

3JS Class Teacher - Mrs J Styles       

3RF Class TeacherMrs R Fremmer 


Classes and Teachers

4GB Class Teacher - Miss G Battersby    

4AG Class TeacherMrs A Galpin  

4RH Class TeacherMrs B Hipkin


Classes and Teachers

5MP Class Teacher - Mr M Pullen   

5MW Class TeacherMrs M Wright 

5HG Class TeachersMrs K Headley and Miss K Ganda


Classes and Teachers

6JO Class Teacher - Mr J O'Connell

6SK Class TeacherMrs S Koria           


I.T Learning Support assistant

Mrs R Hughes